Of the millions of antibodies produced by the human immune system, Theraclone Sciences’ comprehensive screening technology rapidly identifies the rare few that have evolved to successfully ward off disease. We are working to develop these human monoclonal antibodies as safe and effective therapeutic products.

We invite you to learn more about our technology, development pipeline and company. Welcome to Theraclone.

News & Features

12.2.13 - Theraclone Announces That the Merger Agreement With PharmAthene Has Been Terminated

11.27.13 - Theraclone Provides Update on BARDA Funding Proposal for TCN-032 for Serious and Pandemic Flu

11.4.13 - Theraclone Sciences’ Monoclonal Antibody Candidate PGT121 Suppresses HIV in Simian Models of Disease

9.11.13 - Theraclone Sciences Presents Positive Data from Phase 1 Trial of Therapeutic Antibody for the Treatment of Human Cytomegalovirus Infection at ICAAC 2013

Watch Dr. Michael G. Ison Discuss
Influenza Candidate TCN-032

9.9.13 - PharmAthene Rodman & Renshaw Presentation